Welcome to IHR-CHIROPRAKTOR - your-chiropractor in Hamburg

What awaits you is an expert Analysis and a "tailor-made" treatment plan.

The Chiropractor treats with his hands only.

Medication drug injections or surgical procedures are not used.

People of all ages & conditions can be helped. The youngest patient was only 24 hours young and the oldest was 97 years old.

We have had success in helping many families, children, professional sportsmen and others. Many patients with slipped discs, arthritis, stenosis, etc. were able to cancel their scheduled surgery.

Your health is our number one priority - we are looking forward to helping.

Do you know that ...

  • 80 % of all people at same time suffer from back pain?
  • 16 % of all people have a headache today?
  • 40 % do nothing about it?
  • 30 % of all people have taken pain medication within the last 2 weeks?

One can either treat the symptom or treat the cause.
Which one do you think is more important?

Want to know more?

Many people are looking for a Chiropraktiker, but actually they are looking for a chiropractor. But what is the difference between a Chiropractor and a Chiropraktiker?

Compared to a chiropractor, as the doctor completed additional training in Chiropractic, your chiropractor has completed a 5-year university education in medicine and chiropractic and 1 year as an assistant before the State authorization in Denmark as a chiropractor. The problem: In Germany there is no separate law chiropractor. Therefore, your chiropractor is obliged to work under the doctor bill. More on the person and the difference between a chiropractor, chiropractors, chiropractor and a physical therapist, see "Your Chiropractor".

Especially with back problems of any kind (herniated disc, strains, lumbago, backache, etc.) as well as various other diseases such as migraine, joint pain, colic baby, in most cases, a treatment by a chiropractor help.

25% - 40% of our patients feel better here in Hamburg directly after the first treatment, a significant improvement. All age groups and many groups of patients from the Hamburg area are welcome to join us. The youngest patient who has used our service as a Chiropractor in Hamburg claim was only 24 hours old, the oldest 97 years until now.

Through our recognized and thorough treatment (chiropractic), we as chiropractors have successfully treated many adults, children, babies, sports professionals and their entire families, in and around Hamburg. Many patients with a herniated disc, arthritis, stenosis, etc was canceled by a therapy for IHR-CHIROPRACTOR their surgical appointments. Drugs, injections or surgery are used in chiropractic and in our chiropractic here in Hamburg not used. Acute pain (eg a whiplash or sports injuries) are possible timely treatment at the chiropractor often alleviated quickly and often even eliminated.

Chronic conditions such as arthritis can by a chiropractor for treatment course not completely taken, but are often much easier. The main causes for osteoarthritis, which we identify as chiropractors are competent, poor posture and misalignment of the joints. IHR CHIROPRACTOR in Hamburg works with the cause: When Chiropractor we correct the deformity and thus improve your posture and flexibility - the wear process is slowed down.

Patients with a herniated disc often search in vain for an effective pain management and therefore opt for surgery. Here, 90% of all spinal disc patients without surgery and drugs can be successfully treated by a chiropractor. With chiropractic used the chiropractor in a scientifically documented, effective treatment. It covers the causes of the symptoms and so essentially allows for normal and painless movement.

Many autonomic symptoms such as migraines, dizziness, headaches, difficulty breathing, pain and pressure in the chest, stomach or intestinal disorders and problems with the bladder are caused by misalignment of the spine. By therapy with IHR CHIROPRACTOR here in Hamburg the causes treated, and thus, the symptoms are resolved.

In our chiropractic in the City of Hamburg offers a proper diagnosis and individually tailored treatment plan for you.

So come to us - YOUR-CHIROPRACTOR in Hamburg. Here you are in safe hands.

We are serious about your symptoms - call us anytime!
Your health is our first priority!


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