Chiropractic treatment of sports injuries

A sports injury is, for example, a strain, compression, bruise or even a fracture.

In general, we would recommend having a chiropractic check-up for any form of sports injury, as in the course of such an injury it’s often the case that joint and / or vertebra misalignments (blockages) occur and these in turn can lead to improper stress on muscles and joints. The healing process is restricted by this improper stress.

By means of a chiropractic treatment these deformations (blockages) are resolved and the healing process is improved correspondingly. Taking a fracture as an example clearly illustrates this principle: The broken bone is first repositioned is so that it is then in the correct position to begin to heal.

The same goes for compression, bruising etc. - the joints and vertebrae should always be in the correct position before the healing process begins. IHR-CHIROPRAKTOR takes care of this.

Movement is also a part of an optimised healing process - despite the injury! At this point, IHR- CHIROPRAKTOR takes over a very important advisory function.

In the case of a sports injury, it is necessary to choose the right type of movement and achieve the correct balance between exercise and loading. Taking excessive protective measures or overloading are both counter-productive. For example, if a leg hurts following a compression injury suffered while running, then an active break should be taken and, for example, swimming is chosen as a replacement activity - the water supports and relieves the joints.

We advise you individually how much, and what kind of exercise is appropriate you. Depending on the patient’s age and type of injury it may be advisable however to switch to a different sport.

In addition, we will advise you on what level of performance you should get back to following your injury. Lots of sports people will tend to overdo things when returning to their sport after injury. This can then provoke new injuries. Tendons, for example, do not adapt as quickly as muscles.

If you should repeatedly suffer the same injuries, we can help you by taking a medical history (professional investigation of potentially medically relevant information).

Following an operation or after a healed fracture, a chiropractic check-up is also recommended - even if the ‘fracture pain’ has been overcome and x-rays show everything to be in order. The trauma of the injury can lead to blockages and stress, which can in turn lead to pain. IHR-CHIROPRAKTOR releases the blockages and corrects the loading imbalance.

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Our sports tip

- especially for those who pursue asymmetric types of sport, such as golf, tennis, hockey, etc.
  • ICS Ihr-Chiropraktor GmbH - AufzählungsiconExercise with movement sequences of entire muscle chains and not just a single muscle.
  • ICS Ihr-Chiropraktor GmbH - AufzählungsiconTry swimming, rowing or walking for a holistic balance.
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For those of you who would like to know more about chiropractic, we offer individual appointments for a free presentation on chiropractic from a group size of 5 people. Our lectures will be conducted by our chiropractor

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