Chiropractic treatment for a herniated disc

Science shows that chiropractic treatments are very effective in the case of herniated discs and their consequences. Over 90 percent of all patients with a herniated disc do not need surgery and can be successfully treated conservatively.

The herniated disc is a disorder of the spine, in which parts of the intervertebral disc protrude into the spinal canal, i.e. the space that accommodates the spinal cord.

The body is predisposed to hearing itself to some degree following an injury. Chiropractic can optimise the conditions for better self-healing.

The intervertebral disc itself cannot be ‘pulled back in’ again – in treating the condition chiropractically, it is the local environment of the disc that receives the treatment. It is commonly the case that there are blockages that lead to limited mobility due to misalignment and in turn to incorrect workload, pressure, tight muscles, swelling and pain.

Chiropractic corrects these deformations. The pressure decreases, swelling and pain recedes, mobility improves and in turn, so does your health.

In the case of chiropractic treatment, significant improvement in symptoms usually occurs within two weeks. A complete cure takes between one to six months, depending on the severity of the complaint. A healthy lifestyle is also important to support healing and prevent future complications.

Symptoms of a herniated disc are severe, often radiating pain into the extremities, often with numbness in the supply area of the irritated nerve root and occasionally there can be paralysis.

For patients who have already undergone surgery, chiropractic treatment is also highly recommended to support the body’s self-healing process.

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Important Notice!

Acute, very serious cases accompanied by sudden bladder weakness, incontinence, genital numbness or severe muscle weakness are signs that the herniated disc is very severe and can potentially cause long-lasting damage. In these cases immediate hospital attendance is of the utmost importance as surgery may be necessary.

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