Chiropractic – a safe treatment method for babies

Chiropractic treatments for babies are very gentle and very safe. When loosening blockages and releasing tension, the treatment is carried out very using little pressure. The amount of pressure the chiropractor uses is comparable with the softness of a finger press that you would tolerate against your own eyeball.

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Why should babies require chiropractic treatment

The infant body is equipped to cope with the powerful forces that interact with it during a natural birth. Nevertheless, this can lead to vertebral and joint displacement. Misalignments such as these can disrupt the child’s ongoing development.

The risk of vertebral or joint displacement is increased when:

  • there is time pressure or acceleration in the birth process → pressure on the mother‘s abdomen
  • instruments are used such as a suction cup and forceps
  • the child is very large: there is insufficient space in the mother’s womb, the child is ‘compressed’
  • there is an unphysiological position of the child e.g. breech position, stargazer baby)
  • the baby is in the wrong attitude due to a mother’s pelvic misalignment
  • a very long birth (prolonged forces working on the small body)
  • there is a caesarean birth


How do I recognise that my baby needs help from the chiropractor

Fundamentally, a mother always has a strong sense when her bundle of joy is not feeling well – and there are also some pointers in the behaviour and attitude of your child that can indicate when your baby might benefit from a chiropractor’s care.

  • Colic
  • Continuous crying
  • Crying when dressing and undressing
  • Difficulty with bowel movements
  • Not wanting to lie on its stomach
  • Muscles in spasm (Opisthotonos – where the child arches backwards like a bow)
  • Asymmetries of body folds
  • The child is behind in phases of development
  • The child generates a lot of saliva
  • The child doesn’t move its arms and legs equally well
  • The child can’t open one hand fully
  • Dominance in the head posture: The child prefers to turn its head to one side and / or shows a preference when breastfeeding
  • Asymmetry in movement or posture


To determine for yourself whether your baby has blockages and misalignments you can do the following tests at home.

Turn your baby’s head to the left and right, while paying attention to whether the shoulders remain relaxed. If a shoulder or the whole body moves with the movement of the head, the neck is under tension and it’s time to go to the chiropractor.


Did you know that… ability in moving the head can flatten your baby’s head in the long-term. This condition can however be treated very effectively in your baby’s first three months.

You can find more information about this topic in our blog: Chiropractic care for pregnant women, newborns and babies<

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In regelmäßigen Abständen findet bei uns in der Praxis ein kostenloser Vortrag rund um das Thema Chiropraktik & Gesundheit statt. Mehr Infos dazu finden Sie unter unserem Menüpunkt „unsere Vorträge“.

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For those of you who would like to know more about chiropractic, we offer individual appointments for a free presentation on chiropractic from a group size of 5 people. Our lectures will be conducted by our chiropractor

Efe Gökpinar.

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Nous proposons régulièrement des conférences en ligne tout autour du thème de la chiropraxie et de la santé. Plus d’informations dans l’onglet „nos conférences“.

Ces conférences sont effectuées par Efe Gökpinar et Léna Trégouët

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